Deadlock delegate is financing development of Ark related tools and services.


  • Python (Django, Flask)
  • Javascript (Node, Vue, Ember)
  • Docker


Profit sharing

  • 90% -> goes to voters
  • 10% -> reserved for ARK related projects and contributions (described below)

Other info

  • using True Block Weight Payouts to prevent pool hopping
  • 0.3 minimum payout
  • 5 ARK minimum balance
  • refunds cost of voting within 72h, just make sure to [DM roks0n on ARK's Slack]


Future goals (not order by priority):

  • publish profit sharing stats to the website
  • share task updates (transparency is 🗝) → Trello board + shared on Twitter as soon as a task is finished
  • work on a Metamask like chrome extension for ARK
  • continue contributing in ARK's repositories
  • continue financing development of (todo list along with progress can be found on Trello)